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Bermingham Residence: Hamilton, Montana
8,200 sf private residence using conventional wood floor and wall framing and a log roof package.

Clear Creek Ranch: Utah
Private residence with individual timber frame buildings combined to create an “old ranch” feel. The complex is comprised of five one and two story buildings.

Fresh Meadow Ranch: Sedan, Montana
8,000 sf private residence. Construction comprised of a mix of conventional wood framing and reclaimed timber on a helical pier and grade beam foundation system.

Hatfield Residence: Hamilton, Montana
Private residence incorporating substantial timber frame combined with conventional framing. The primary building is a two-story, 7,100 sf structure with heavy timber frame trusses, and conventional wood shear walls. The residence also has an attached 1,200 sf garage with timberframe elements.

Shelton/Holden Residence: Fremont County, Idaho
7,100 sf private residence, utilizing heavy log and timber construction. The home is a two story log home with log wall shear walls and log trusses supporting the roof. Apex worked closely with the log home builder to meet an accelerated project schedule.

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Clear Creek Ranch
Clear Creek Ranch


Shelton/Holden Residence
Shelton/Holden Residence